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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


 General questions regarding hours, location and filing reports

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  We patrol and respond to calls for service 24 hours a day.  Our business office is open Monday through Friday: 8am to 4pm.

Q: How do I contact an officer?

A:  For all EMERGENCIES, pick up the phone and dial 911.

For non-emergencies, please call the Swanzey Police Department at (603)352-2869 and a dispatcher will direct your call or dispatch a Police Officer as needed. You may also come to the Police Station and report in person during regular business hours or use the police telephone located outside of the police station lobby. This is a direct line to the dispatcher.

Q:  Where is the department located?

A:  The Swanzey Police Department is located at 34 Eaton Road, Swanzey, NH 03446.

Q:   Why do they ask so many question when I call the police?

A:  Receiving dispatchers are trained to try to get as much information as possible to best determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness. On emergency calls, the dispatcher has already sent the information to the officer while asking additional questions.

Q: Can I make a police report at any time of day and do I need to make an appointment?

A:  The police department will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to requests for police assistance.

Q:  Can I make a police report over the telephone or does a police officer have to come to my house?

A:  Some reports can be taken over the telephone. The officer on duty can determine if your report can be handled over the telephone.

 How do I get a copy of a Police Report?

Q:  How do I get a copy of a police report?

A:  A written request must be presented at the time of the request.  It is best to call our Office Manager in advance, at 603-352-2869, to ensure the police report is complete and ready for pickup.

Q:  What are the hours of the Records Division Staff?

A:  Police records may be obtained at the Swanzey Police Department, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM, excluding holidays.

Q:  Is there any cost to pick up a police report?

A:  There are administrative fees associated with many requests, so please contact the records division for more information.


 How do I obtain a Record Check?

Q:  How do I obtain a Record Check?

A:  Only you can request a copy of your Criminal/Motor Vehicle record. All criminal and motor vehicle record checks are done at the NH State Police Criminal Records Department on Hazen Dr. in Concord.  Their phone number is 603-271-2538. They are open M-F from 8:15am to 4:15pm.  A records check requires a $15.00 fee and they are done while you wait. A photo ID is required to obtain the information.

You may obtain a local records check from the Swanzey Police Department. This will only contain information about your contact with our agency. You must present a valid picture identification to obtain such records.

 Pistol/Revolver License questions

Q:  Do I need a pistol permit to possess a pistol in my home?

A:  No. A permit is not required to possess a pistol in your home. What a pistol permit does is permit you to carry a loaded handgun concealed upon your person or in any vehicle.

Q:  What are the requirements for a New Hampshire pistol/revolver license? 
A:  A U.S. adult citizen with no felony convictions, or history of mental illness, or convictions of misdemeanor level domestic violence is eligible for a New Hampshire pistol/revolver license. Out-of-state applicants should be directed to the New Hampshire State Police. 
Q:  Is a license required to possess a firearm in New Hampshire? 
A:  No. Any law-abiding adult may possess a firearm in New Hampshire. A pistol/revolver license is not required to openly carry a firearm. Discretion is advised. 
Q:  Who issues the permit?

A:  Pistol permits are issued through the Chief of Police or Selectmen in the town you reside in.  In the Town of Swanzey, the Chief of Police issues the permits.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  The cost of the permit is $10.00 and is valid for four years. In order to obtain a pistol permit, you must be able to provide a license or proof of residency with the town as your primary address.

Q:  Where do I get an application?

A:  You can download and print an application form on this website by clicking on the tab labeled "Downloads" and then "New Hampshire Pistol/Revolver License Application".  You can also pick up an application at the Police Department.

Q:  Does my New Hampshire Resident Pistol Permit allow me to carry a concealed handgun in all 50 states?

A:  No. Some states recognize and accept a New Hampshire Pistol Permit while others do not. Reciprocity agreements are subject to change without notice. Anyone planning to travel to another state should confirm with that state that thier permit will be accepted.

Q:  Does my New Hampshire Resident or Non-Resident Pistol Permit allow me to carry a handgun into a courthouse?

A:  No.

Q:  Where can I get a lock for my weapon?

A:  Safety locks for your weapon are free for Swanzey residents while our supplies last. Otherwise, they can be purchased from department stores that carry hunting supplies and at gun shops.


 How do I know if there is a registered sex offender in my neighborhood?

One way to do so is to log into CrimeReports.com .

CrimeReports is the largest online resource for accurate, up-to-date crime information.  CrimeReports offers a family of affordable, easy-to-use software tools for law enforcement agencies to understand crime trends and share up-to-date neighborhood crime data with the public. It also empowers residents to make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their neighborhood and community.  Community members can access the information for free by clicking on  CrimeReports.

Type in your address in the box to the left of the 'Search' tab.  (ie. 34 Eaton Road Swanzey, NH). Once the map of Swanzey opens you should look for the tabs to the right of 'Search' and click on the tab that reads 'Incident Layers'.  When that opens click on 'deselect all'  and make sure that the last box; 'Sex Offenders' is checked.  Then hit 'Apply and Close'.  You can then  that and you will find it easy to navigate around the map and zoom in and zoom out.  (It takes a few seconds for all of the offenders to populate on the map.)  Once the red and white triangles are on the map, clicking on them will bring up the information on that offender.

 I have questions about Domestic Violence Petitions

Q:  How do I obtain a Domestic Violence Petition (DVP)/Restraining Order?

A:  You need to apply at the District (Circuit) Court for your City or Town. The order will be faxed to the local police. Advocates are available to help with the process.

Q:  How is the order served?

A:  The order can only be served in hand (in person) by a police officer. The order can be served at place of employment or residence. The order will be served as timely as possible.  All reasonable attempts are made to locate the defendant. The petition is NOT IN EFFECT until served to the defendant. If problems arise prior to service being made, the plaintiff should contact their local authorities and advise them of the problem at hand. Service of the petition will be attempted at that time.

Q:  What happens if an address is not available?

A:  All un-served restraining orders that do not contain a valid address remain on file at the police station. Officers have access to these orders 24 hours a day should an address become available. The plaintiff is advised to notify the station of any updated information.

Q:  What do I do once it's been served?

A:  The temporary restrictions must be followed by the defendant and plaintiff until appearance in court. You need to appear in court on the date listed on the petition to address charges. The court then decides whether or not the order will continue or be revoked.

Q:  What if the DVP is not served prior to the court date?

A:  The plaintiff must still appear in court on the specified date. A hearing cannot be held without the defendant's presence. The court may then issue a new court date and continue the temporary orders.

 How do I file a Bad Check complaint?


The Town of Swanzey is the second largest town in Cheshire County and is growing rapidly. For the last few years this agency has been inundated with returned check complaints from local businesses. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Swanzey Police Department to investigate all bad checks due to the volume of cases we handle.

With the constant changes and updates to the laws, it becomes increasingly more technical for police to obtain account information. Currently police file subpoenas for account information, and in some cases, apply for search warrants to obtain any videos of the subject who passed the check or other records from the businesses victimized and/or the banks where the checks were cashed.  However, out-of-state banks do not have to comply to the subpoenas from the State of New Hampshire.

Proprietors should understand that if they enter into a verbal or written agreement with an individual who has issued a bad check to make payments, the issuing of that bad check will no longer be a criminal act because of the agreement with that individual.  It then becomes a civil process and you (the victim) would have to seek restitution through the Small Claims Court.

Therefore, in order for us to provide the best possible service to the Town of Swanzey businesses, the following policies are being implemented and must be adhered to for successful prosecution:

The Swanzey Police Department must receive the returned check no later than thirty (30) days after the bank has returned said check for insufficient funds or indicates the check was issued on a closed account.  If the check is provided to the police after the thirty days, the Swanzey Police Department will not investigate it any further. The victim may seek civil restitution as stated above.

The Swanzey Police Department will not investigate any bad check complaints under a $50.00 amount. However, we will investigate aggregated checks written within thirty days of the first check that was issued totaling $50.00 or more.

Proprietors and businesses are encouraged to maintain a list of individuals who have uttered bad checks in their stores and have not made restitution on them. Hopefully this action will “red-flag” future bad checks from being passed and accepted again in the store.

The Swanzey Police Department will not accept out-of-state bad checks, unless the check is issued in the amount of $500.00 or over and passed in the Town of Swanzey, New Hampshire. This would constitute a felony.

Business owners must mail out a fourteen (14) day demand letter for payment within the 30 day time frame. (Contact the Swanzey Police Department if a demand letter is needed or you can download one on this website.  Click on  'Downloads' and then 'Bad Check Demand for Payment Letter.'

The Swanzey Police Department will need original checks, letters, and receipts for a successful prosecution.

Demand letters must be sent out via certified mail, return receipt requested.

 How do I apply to be a Swanzey Police Officer?

Are you considering starting a Law Enforcement career? 

The Swanzey Police Department is a great place to start and to make a difference!  New officers consistently talk about experiences that many veteran officers in other police agencies may never see in their career.  As our community continues to grow, our officers are constantly faced with a wide range of calls and complex investigations.

Learn how to respond to and investigate accidents; conduct criminal investigations; interact with and deal with crowds; direct, control and make effective traffic stops; make single, multiple, and group arrests;  learn to testify at court hearings and much more.

Recognized as one of the leaders in the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Community, our agency offers an exciting and challenging experience to the Novice, Experienced, or Retired (LE) Applicant.  Many Law Enforcement careers have been started on the streets of our community.  Members of our department alumni can be found across the nation in a broad spectrum of law enforcement agencies, representing ranks from Patrolman to Chief of Police.

The Swanzey Police Department places a high emphasis on training and prides itself on its professionalism and commitment to high ethical standards.

We look for well-organized individuals to effectively perform a variety of specialized technical and routine law enforcement duties. These individuals should be motivated, responsible and dedicated to helping the citizenry that we serve.  If you are looking for an agency where you are regularly challenged to perform to your full potential and work in an active and exciting career field, you should consider applying with to the Swanzey Police Department.

Q:  What forms are required to make application?

A:  Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications will need to submit a resume and an Application for Employment form.  They can be dropped off at the Police Department or mailed to:

Swanzey Police Department
PO Box 10009
Swanzey, NH

Applications for Employment can be picked up at the Swanzey Police Department or downloaded from this website.

Q:  What are the minimum qualifications necessary?

A:  Candidates must be at least 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen with no serious criminal or motor vehicle record, possess a high school diploma
or GED and posses a NH driver’s license by the time of appointment.  No prior experience is required, however, candidates in possession of a state certification or lateral applicants in good standing are encouraged to apply.

Disqualifiers - These are some of the events that could prevent you from being hired as a police officer in New Hampshire:  Mental disorder which would affect your ability to perform law enforcement duties; Felony conviction; convicted of any misdemeanor
that involves, but not limited to, violence, drugs, moral turpitude, DWI, Domestic Violence, use, sale, possession or manufacturing of any narcotic or controlled substance.

The Swanzey Police Department hiring standards are derived from New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council(NHPSTC) Administrative Rules.  Chapter POL 300 Application and Qualifications contains the Standards that have been established in the State of New Hampshire for hiring a Police Officer.  Please consult the Administrative Rules for a complete listing of requirements.

It is the intent of the Town of Swanzey to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. It is our policy to recruit, employ, train and promote people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or physical condition.

The goal of the hiring process is to determine whether job applicants are fit for a particular job. In today's competitive environment, the Town must hire, develop, and retain the most qualified, effective, and safe candidates.

The Town of Swanzey does not discriminate in employment opportunities or in practices.  We accept employment applications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy governs all aspects of employment, including your selection; job assignment; compensation; terms, conditions, location, or privileges of employment; access to benefits and training; discipline; and termination.

Benefits Summary 2011 (This summary is not a contract)

Competitive Salary: Uncertified officers start at $37,500 with an incremental raise to $39,000 after graduation from Academy and completion of FTO program.
Certified officers start at $40,000 with an incrimental raise to $41,500 after completion of the FTO program.

Health Insurance: The Town of Swanzey offers excellent health insurance options for the employee and dependents, including a dental plan.  The Town currently pays 85% of the premiums, the employee 15%.

Life Insurance: in amount of $20,000

Retirement plan:  By law, sworn police officers belong to Group II under the New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS).  Currently 50% of annual salary (averaged over highest three years of service) with 20 years service.

Paid sick leave: Officers are entitled to sick leave with pay that accrues at a rate of 6.75 hours per month.  Sick leave may accumulate up to 240 hours.

Paid vacation: After completing one year of service, an officer is entitled to 80 hours (two weeks) of vacation.  After the 7th full year of continuous employment vacation increases to 120 hours (three weeks) and after the 15th full year of continuous employment it increases to 160 hours (four weeks).

Paid Time Off (PTO): Officers receive 80 hours of PTO in lieu of paid holiday and floating holiday leave.  Officers can convert up to 20 hours of unused PTO to cash at the end of the year and their hourly rate.

Overtime eliglble holidays:  Officers working January 1, Federal Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be compensated at their overtime rate.

Longevity pay:  $250/yr after 5 years; $500/yr after 10 years; $750/yr after 15 years; and $1,000 after 20 years of continuous employment. 

Uniforms and equipment supplied.
Opportunities for career development and promotion.
Opportunities for specialized training.
Overtime and Private Duty Details
Fourteen weeks of paid training at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Academy in Concord, New Hampshire.
Fourteen week FTO (Field Training Officer) program.

 What is the testing process to become a Swanzey Police Officer?

A Police Officer of the Town of Swanzey represents the Town and performs duties affecting safety and security of the community. The process of selecting people for employment as Police Officers is extremely important and includes several parts. The process is described below. Please read through the entire description. It includes valuable information about what will be required of you during this process. No part of the testing process requires any prior knowledge of law enforcement.

All candidates are required to complete the physical fitness assessment exam. It consists of a battery of tests including; sit ups, push-ups, a bench press and a one and one half (1.5) mile run. Performance standards are established by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council and based on the Cooper Aerobic Institute standards for physical fitness.

Physical Fitness Assessment

The physical fitness assessment examination consists of four basic tests:

One-Minute Sit-Up Test - This is a measure of the muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles. It is an important area for performing police tasks that may involve the use of force. The score is the number of bent leg sit-ups performed in one (1) minute.

One-Minute Push-Up Test - This is a measure of the muscular strength and endurance of the upper body, arms and shoulders. It is an important area for performing police tasks that may involve the use of force. The score is the number of push-ups performed in one (1) minute.

One-Repetition Maximum Bench Press - This is a maximum weight pressed from the bench press position and measures the amount of force the upper body can generate. It is an important area for performing police tasks requiring upper body strength. The score is a ratio of weight pressed divided by body weight.

1.5 Mile Run - This is a timed run to measure the heart and cardiovascular system's capability to transport oxygen. It is an important area for performing police tasks involving stamina and endurance. The score is in minutes and seconds.



Age      Sit-ups      Push-ups      Bench      1.5 mile run
18-29       37                 27                 .96             13.06
30-39       33                 21                 .86             13:53
40-49       28                 16                 .78             14:47
50-59       22                 11                 .70             15:53

Age      Sit-ups      Push-ups       Bench       1.5 mile run
18-29       31                 22                 .58              15:48
30-39       24                 17                 .52              16:23
40-49       19                 11                 .48              16:59
50-59       12                 10                 .43              18:09

Written Exam

The written exam will only be administered to those who pass the physical fitness assessment test. Current, full-time certified police officers will be exempt from taking the written exam. The written examination tests your basic reading comprehension, writing, English and grammar, problem solving and math skills along with your attitude toward police work. The minimum passing score on the written examination is set at 70%. Candidates are given two hours to complete the written exam. No prior training or experience in the position of police officer is assumed or required of applicants taking this test. 

(The Swanzey Police Department recognizes and accepts passing test scores on the Police Officer Exam administered at River Valley Community College as well as at NHTI, Concord's Community College, and exempts those candidates from having to take the Swanzey written exam.)

Oral Panel Examination

The top group of applicants passing the written examination and the physical fitness assessment test will be invited to participate in an oral panel examination. A minimum score of 70% on the oral examination is required to pass. The oral examination will normally be conducted by a panel comprised of Swanzey residents and/or business owners, and police officers and will focus on evaluating areas such as the applicant’s (1) Communications Skill, (2) Human Relations/Interpersonal Skills, (3) Problem Solving/Judgment Skill, (4) Career Preparation, (5) General Suitability for position. Candidates who obtain the highest combined written and oral exam scores will be placed on a certification list and are eligible to continue with the next steps of the process.

Recruit Selection
Selection of recruits for appointment with the Swanzey Police Department is an ongoing process and dependant on the needs of the agency.  The Selection and Review Panel consists of members of the Swanzey Police Department and other relevant personnel as may be considered necessary, to make an unbiased selection of the most suitable persons from the pool.  In selecting recruits, consideration is given to their integrity, honesty, evaluation results, interview outcomes and general information provided or obtained during the application process. This information is available to each panel member from the application files maintained throughout the application process. The applicant is not present during this selection process.

The highest results in the written entrance exam or physical evaluation and interview do not necessarily mean automatic selection, however they do increase the opportunity to be considered for selection. As such, it is in the best interests of any applicant to ensure that they are fully conversant with the application process and have prepared themselves to the best of their ability prior to submitting an application to join the Swanzey Police Department.

The names on the certification list shall be forwarded to the Police Chief, who makes the final selection. 

The Board of Selectmen is the hiring authority for the Town of Swanzey. The Police Chief makes a recomendation to the Board that a Conditional Offer of Probationary Employment be made to the candidate.

Background Investigation

Once the conditional offer is presented to and accepted by the candidate, the Police Department conducts a thorough background investigation on that candidate. It will include checking work, school and personal references, military and police records, driver history, a credit check, obtaining information on a candidate as an applicant to other police departments and other sources as necessary. Rejection from a police hiring process in another community may be the basis for disqualification in this process. Participation in illegal activities, including narcotics use, will be investigated regardless of whether those activities resulted in conviction of a crime. Results of this investigation will have a major impact on whether you are hired.

Psychological Assessment

Utilizing the findings of an in-depth assessment, the results of the MMPI-2 and such other instruments as may be deemed appropriate, a qualified psychologist assesses the emotional and psychological suitability of the applicant for the position.

Medical Examination

The candidate must undergo a comprehensive medical examination. It includes a complete physical examination with attention to those physical standards set by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council. The purpose of the medical exam is to reveal any medical problems that may inhibit or prevent the applicant from performing the essential functions of the position of police officer.

Academy and FTO program

Uncertified police officer recruits will be assigned to attend an upcoming 14-week session of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council Academy in Concord, NH. 

Both certified and un-certified recruits will be required to successfully complete a 12-14 week FTO program at the Swanzey Police Department.

Placement in pool of candidates

Candidates who are not offered a position after successfully completing all the testing assessments at or above the required levels and are deemed competitive by a Selection Review Panel, will be placed in a selection ''pool'', from which recruits are selected when required.  Selection to the "pool" does not guarantee appointment to the Swanzey Police Department.  An applicant may remain in the selection pool for up to 12 months. If not selected in that time, they will be required to complete the evaluation process again to be eligible for selection

Thank you for your interest in a career with the Town of Swanzey Police Department.

 What is the Ride-Along Program?

A:  Our Ride-Along Program allows residents to take the opportunity to observe the Swanzey Police Department at work first-hand. The Ride-Along program will allow you to see and hear see the variety of calls that the Swanzey Police Department officers respond to and exactly how situations are handled.  It also provides residents insight to evaluate the quality of our police department personnel.

Through active citizen participation, the Swanzey Police Department's goal of fostering better communications between the community and its police officers can be achieved.

We hope that the experience will help residents share any new information and ideas with thier neighbors and friends.
Participant's Conduct:

Participants must remain in the patrol vehicle and must not accompany an officer outside of that area unless specifically directed by the officer. Participants must not touch or attempt to operate equipment or use any communication equipment without explicit authorization from the officer.

Participants might observe occurrences or activities during the ride-along which may require them to submit a written statement and/or testify in court at a later time.

Dress Code:

Participants must be appropriately attired and groomed. Men may wear sports shirts, pants or slacks, and shoes. Women may wear a conservative dress or skirt, or pants. Approval to ride along may be denied if the participant is not properly dressed or has been drinking.

Firearms or other weapons are not permitted.

Accident Waiver:

Each participant will be advised, in writing, that there is some degree of risk involved by reason of the nature of law enforcement activity. The participant assumes any and all risks to which he or she may be exposed during the ride-along

 What is CrimeReports?

Q:  What is CrimeReports?

A:  CrimeReports is the largest online resource for accurate, up-to-date crime information.  CrimeReports offers a family of affordable, easy-to-use software tools for law enforcement agencies to understand crime trends and share up-to-date neighborhood crime data with the public. It also empowers residents to make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their neighborhood and community.
Community members can access the information for free by clicking on  CrimeReports.

Q:  How do I check out Swanzey's data?

A:  On our Home Page, click on CrimeReports on the left side of the page.  It will open immediately to the map of the Town of Swanzey.  When the map appears, click on 'Full View' on the map and it will display the user friendly, interactive site. 

The map of Swanzey will open and you will find it easy to navigate around the map and zoom in and zoom out.  The user has the ability  enter various date ranges, going back six months, and also to enter and view different types of crimes.  The viewer can also click on the box for registered sex offenders which will populate the map, only when checked.  Several different map options are also available. 

You can also click on the link www.CrimeReports.com.  Then click on the State of New Hampshire on the US map and then click on 'Swanzey', or, type in Swanzey, NH in the space above the map and hit 'Get Report.'


 What should I do if I am stopped by a police officer?

A:  Stop your vehicle as far out of the lane of traffic as possible. Make sure you turn your flashers on, and motion to the officer that you are going to comply.

Stay in your vehicle, and turn on the interior light.  Good lighting assists good communication. Relax and remain in your vehicle. If you leave the vehicle, you subject yourself and the officer to the dangers of traffic.

Keep your hands in view, preferably on the steering wheel.  Wait for the officer to request your license, registration and proof of insurance.

Police officers are trained to ask for identification first and provide an explanation second. First provide proper documentation. Then give the officer a chance to explain the reason you were stopped. Providing your documentation will simplify and speed the process. Remember, most often the officer is in uniform with the nametag displayed. You have the advantage of knowing with whom you are dealing. Extend the courtesy by providing the requested identification without argument.

If you do not agree with the citation, or the officer’s demeanor, do not argue at the scene. All citizens have the right to question their citation before a magistrate. The Swanzey Police Department has an internal affairs system in place to investigate citizen complaints.

 What if I have questions regarding my traffic citation?

Q:  How can I contest a traffic citation?

A:  On the back of the pink copy that the officer gives to you are several boxes that describe your options. You check the appropriate box and mail your ticket to the address on the back of the form. Your options include; pleading guilty and paying the appropriate fine; pleading nolo (no admittance of guilt) and pay the fine; or you can plead not guilty and request a trial.  The court will be notified of your request and a letter with a trial date will be mailed to your last known address. 

Q:  I lost my traffic citation - What do I do?

A:  Contact the Swanzey Police Department Records Section at 603-352-2869. They can provide you with a copy.

Q:  I have a question regarding my traffic citation - Who do I ask?

A:  Contact the officer who issued the ticket.

 When do I have to report an accident to the Police?

Q:  When do I have to report an accident to the Police?

A:  According to N.H. RSA 264:25, Reporting Requirements: In the State of New Hampshire, any Motor Vehicle Accident causing death, personal injury, or combined damage in excess of $1,000 must be reported in writing to the Division of Motor Vehicles within 15 days.

This can be accomplished by calling the police to the scene so that they can file a report. If the police file a report this meets the above requirement, and you as the driver are not required to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles.

An alternative to calling the police is to obtain a State of New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Accident Report form and complete it yourself and then mail it to the State. These forms are available at the Swanzey Police Department, as well as at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and can also be downloaded from this website.

 Does Swanzey have a Noise Ordinance?

Yes, on June 26, 2012 the Board of Selectman adopted a noise ordinance  

 My son/daughter runs away from home what can I do?

Q:  My son/daughter runs away from home what can I do?

A:  A missing or runaway child should be reported to the Swanzey Police Department immediately. Parents need not wait an amount of time to make a report. Parents should have some information available for the officer when he/she arrives at your home, such as, places he/she may run to or who with, the state of mind the juvenile may be in, medication prescribed, and a current photograph.

 How can I get a VIN verification?

Q:  I need to verify the VIN (vehicle identification number) on my vehicle. How can I do this?

A:  VIN verifications can be done by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the State Police, or a garage licensed to do State inspections.  Depending upon availability, Swanzey Police Department officers may also be able to conduct the verification.


 How do I have my fingerprints taken?

Q:  How do I have my fingerprints taken?

A:  The organization requesting fingerprints from you will supply a fingerprint card. Finger prints are completed for Swanzey residents for the purposes of employment and or background checks at no charge. Fingerprint service is offered to non-residents for a $10 fee.  Contact the Swanzey Police Department at 603-352-2869 for more information.


 My property has been seized or recovered by the police, how do I get it back?

Q:  My property has been seized or recovered by the police, how do I get it back?

A:  If the Police Department is holding your property as the result of an arrest or criminal investigation, or your stolen property has been recovered and you would like to know how to get it back, please contact our Property and Evidence Technician. The Property and Evidence Technician's hours may vary and he may not be prepared to respond to walk-ins. You may call the main number of the Swanzey Police Department at (603) 352-2869 and inquire to his availability.  Voice mail is available should you need to leave a message. 

 Do the Swanzey Police do vehicle lockouts?

Q:  Does the Swanzey Police Department do vehicle lockouts?

A:  We receive numerous calls saying; "Help! I’m locked out of my car."

The Swanzey Police Department only performs MV lockouts in emergency situations, such as a child is locked in the car, or an animal is locked in the car on extreme temperatures days (hot or cold.)   We cannot unlock vehicles with electric locks, as it could damage the entire mechanism. We can provide a number for a garage/tow company to perform the service. There is a fee charged by the garage for this. 


 How can I get one of your patches?

Q:  I am a patch collector. How can I get one of your patches?

A:  The Swanzey Police Department does not participate in patch trading.

 How do I arrange a tour of the Police Station?

Q:  How do I arrange a tour of the Swanzey Police Station?

A:  Contact any one of our administrative staff or supervisors at the police department.  We will be happy to arrange a tour.

 911 questions

Q:  What is 911?

A:  911 is the number to dial for the fastest possible emergency response when you need emergency Police, Fire or Medical assistance in a life or death situation.

911 is a "team" of professional men and women who are on call 24-hours a day. They are trained to assist in getting emergency help to you as quickly and as safely as possible.  Our 911 call center operates out of Concord, New Hampshire and directly communicates with our dispatch center.

Q:  When should I dial 911?

A:  911 is the number to dial when an emergency is occurring, either immediately or within the last 10 minutes.
Q:  What are some examples of when to dial 911?

A:  Medical emergency;
Someone is breaking into your home or one of your neighbors' homes;
Traffic accidents with injury;
Person screaming;
Child choking;
Fights or displays of weapons.

The above list just shows some examples and is not all-inclusive.

** 911 is not for directory assistance or for emergency telephone repair.** 
Q:  When should I not dial 911?

A:  The below list just shows some examples and is not all-inclusive.

For a non-emergency call that is simply a request for police service and is not a life or death situation;
Abandoned vehicle;
Loud party;
Barking dog;
After the fact or late reported calls.

These types of calls should be reported on the Swanzey Police Department non-emergency line.   (603) 352-2869

 How Do I Apply For A Replacement NH Drivers License Or Plate ?

Q:  How Do I Apply For A Replacement NH Driver's License Or Plate ?

A:  Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. Substations have designated days for replacement driver's licenses. There are forms available at substations to request a replacement plate.

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